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Business Time!
We’ve worked on a lot of local business websites, but it’s not often we run into a coupe of guys this nice!
We first ran into Matt and Steve through Facebook. I noticed that they were doing some really good work and that they were pushing hard on social media to get their message out there after recently launching their roofing business.

When I checked out their details, I noticed that they didn’t have a website or a strong online presence, something pretty vital for both finding and building trust with new clients.

The Element-mobile!
Photograph by Matt & Steve via
The problem

So, I contacted them with a tentative message asking them if they’d like to get a little conversation going to see if there was anything that we could do to help them get online.

Matt and Steve were looking for a boost to reach more customers in Cornwall and have a website that would help them share details of their services. They wanted to make people aware of the benefits of Fibreglass roofing and also let people know that they were very skilled at their job.

“Matt and Steve were looking for a boost to reach more customers”
The Solution

Our solution to this was to put together a clean and professional looking website for them that outlined all the details of their services and made it very easy for people to find their contact details.

We have their numbers visible on the site so that people can call them for a quote, our call to action buttons are pushing them to the contact forms so that they feel like they can get in touch.

One area that we spent a lot of time on, however, was the Search Engine Optimisation for the website. The ‘roofing in cornwall‘ keyword bracket is pretty competitive. There are a lot of people fighting for that space.

We used open-source plugins to handle the OG graphing and we did everything we could to build up the footprint such as registering the website with google index, search concole and google business.

With a fully compliant XML sitemap, we can be sure that the google bots know just where to look to find everything.

This website gets our beard of approval
Image by Two Bearded Guys via
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Element GRP Roofing. Matt and Steve are the most friendly and approachable gentlemen that we’ve had the chance of working with so far and we’re pleased to say that the website is already starting to climb the google ranking.

The next step for Element is to talk about plugging a blog into their website so that they can reach more people, share their wealth of knowledge and build up a better relationship with google by putting out fresh, original content.

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