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5 mistakes that you’re making on social media (and how to fix them)


5 mistakes that you’re making on social media (and how to fix them)

Ross Cheeseright, 2BG, Web Guy.

24 June 2019

You’re hammering social media and putting in plenty of hours on Facebook. You might have even dabbled in Instagram and spent some time in the Twittersphere. But for some reason, it seems like a wasted effort.

Today, I’m going to go over five of the top mistakes that people make on social media and how you can do it right!

1. You’re Advertising in your posts

This is the #1 mistake that people make when they’re using social media to grow their business. People are bombarded with adverts every single day. They’re everywhere and people are getting tired of it. If the only thing that you’re doing with your social media is advertising and selling to your followers, you’re selling it wrong.  

So how can you do it right?

Instead of trying to sell to people, start trying to connect with people. Use your experience to help them out, give them something to read, show them that you know what you’re talking about. By building relationships with people, they’ll know where to go when they need your services!

2. Your posts are plain text

What you’re saying might be important, it might be insightful and witty! But if people aren’t seeing it, then it’s just wasted effort. The world is becoming increasingly visual – Be that data, information or even quotes. By posting a plain text update (outside of twitter) you’re doing it wrong.

So how can you do it right?

So, you probably figured this one out, but just so we’re all on the same page; When posting, you should always include an image or a video! This will help you draw attention to your message and entertain your audience!

3. Your posts are random

You’re putting in the effort, you’re writing your posts, you’re throwing in your images and videos – but you’ll still be missing out if you’re just putting your posts up at random intervals.

So how can you do it right?

We spend a lot of time with our clients at the end of the month hammering out a strategy for the month ahead. Without a strategy, you’re missing out on a lot of potential reach and traffic. We’re going to break this one down into a few sub-points on how to do it right.

  1. Schedule your posts for when your audience is most active to reach the most people.
  2. Keep an eye out for events/important dates that are relevant to your business and relate your posts to them.
  3. Keep an eye out for relevant trending hashtags on Twitter and join the hype.

4. You ‘Fire and Forget’ your posts

You boot up the Laptop, you write your post and then you let it fly! Then you close the laptop and go about your business. Now we appreciate that sort of a free spirit at Two Bearded Guys – but by letting your content run in the wild all alone, you can miss out on vital opportunities to connect with a potential client.

So how can you do it right?

It can be time-consuming, but if you can keep on top of the community, answering questions and directing people to useful information they’ll feel important and you’ll build up meaningful relationships with them and you might even bag yourself a new customer or boost your sales!

5. Your conversations are one-way

Sometimes, the problem with your social approach is that you’re doing too much talking. People – especially people on the internet – like to be heard. If you’re constantly preaching your message, there is a real risk that your followers might switch off.

So how can you do it right?

A great way to fix this can be to try and engage with your followers. Think of posts that might elicit a response. Ask them questions, ask their opinions, ask them to share something with you – such as selfies with your product! 

So, there you have it! Five common mistakes and how you can turn it around!

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I'm Ross and I make up one half of the Dynamic Duo "Two Bearded Guys." I started out with a large finance company where I was working as an analyst. When that company was bought out by a competitor, I was lucky enough to use the opportunity to go and study as a Software Engineer. Since then I have been studying, developing websites and using my knowledge of coding, analysis and search engine optimisation to give our clients all the tools they need to get their business online, get found and start getting more clients.

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