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D-fact #322 Derren doesn’t believe in the colour yellow.
We know, we’ve been pretty darn slack over the last couple of months. The truth is uni has been kicking our asses but now that it is out of the way for another year we are back with a vengence! The purpose of the Last Blog of the Week Blog is to provide a summary of our activity for the week so that our loyal readership (yeah, both of you) don’t miss out on anything we’ve been doing. This week has been a bit of an organisation week, on Wednesday Ross and I hung out in the beer garden of The Old Ale & Coffee House in Salisbury and planned out the next few months for our fledgling business. But of course no real work could get done before announcing our location to the World via Instagram.
Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one..”
There are lots of exciting things happening in the near future here at Two Bearded Guys. We’re in the early stages of planning our first Android application (sorry Apple fans but we’re Google only at the moment) which we aim to release by the end of Summer.

The app is going to targetted at helping people manage their time better and will be the first in our Clear Simple suite of apps and software.

In addition to the apcoming app we continue to be busy building the highest quality low-cost websites in the South of England. We’re currently putting together sites for a local traditional sweet shop and a talented photographer who takes wildlife pics like you’ve never seen before.

This week on the blog we introduce a new series entitled “Six months on…” where we will be reviewing tech after half a year of thorough use. In this initial entry you can read the first part of my review of the Google Pixel 2, a phone that I never knew I wanted but now I can’t live without!

One more thing that is happening this week is that my lovely wife celebrates her birthday. Being the big hearted person she is, she’s giving up her birthday evening to take part in a 10 mile midnight walk to raise money for Salisbury Hospice 

That about wraps it up for this week folks, I hope you have a fab weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.

Lok’tar ogar


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Hi, I’m Derren and I’m currently studying Software Engineering as a mature student at Southampton Solent University. Prior to this I spent many years managing restaurants and more recently worked as an insurance claims assessor for one of the UK’s biggest providers. It was in this role that I met Ross and our bromance flourished. In 2015, I left my job to begin my degree studies. During ,my time at Southampton Solent, I have gained extensive experience in numerous Software Engineering disciplines such as full stack web development, software application modelling, database design & management and mobile application development. These activities have led me to be proficient in a number of programming languages including Java, C, Python and Javascript. Outside of work and studies I like to unwind in the outdoors, hiking with my two Cocker Spaniels as well as a bit of cheeky wild camping. I’m also a massive nerd, having a passion for videogames, table-top roleplay and war gaming.



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