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My WoW Wishlist

My WoW Wishlist


All the WOW things.

Ross Cheeseright, Senior WoW Daydreamer

01 November 2017

The twittersphere is a-buzz with activity and the rumour-mill is working overtime to churn out some of the finest imitation leaks that money can buy, and rightly so because on Friday the 3rd of November it will be Blizzcon.

Blizzard’s home-turf convention is always a spectacle to behold with fanfare, big-name bands, cosplay contests and the coveted ‘announcements’ on what’s in store for some of the world’s favourite games.

This year the air is thick with anticipation and at two bearded guys, it’s no less-so for us. Derren recently wrote his Top 10: Blizzcon Wishlist and while we were discussing some of the points on his list, I saw that there were some VITAL things not on there. What if Great Father Winter reads his list and doesn’t read mine?!

So I got to thinking about all the things that I’d like to see in World of Warcraft and while I doubt that any of them will be showcased at Blizzcon this year, a guy can but dream!

1. Greater Customization

Okay, I’ve just spent the better part of half an hour sat a-top my faithful expedition yak and flicked through 16 pages of helms to find the one helm that goes with these spiked skull-adorned shoulders. The red hints in the cape? Perfect. I’m ready. I’m just going to set myself on walk and power-strike through Acherus. I am the Deathlord, after all and – oh my god! Of course, that guy looks exactly like me…

It’s high time that blizzard gave us some flexibility over our gear. There are some decent pieces of gear that could easily have a second-life breathed into them by allowing us to recolour them. We could create entire new sets with just the ability to change the colour palate of an item.

The ability to turn off the glows, remove a single shoulder, change up the right-and-left gloves… There are a lot of possibilities.

I believe that Blizzard have seen the importance that people place on their look. The huge success of the artefact weapon skins and the ability to collect skins in their other franchises has removed any doubt of the importance.

2. Guild Revamp & Guild Housing

Since the dawn of the world (of Warcraft) we have been using an almost unchanged guild system. A few small additions have been given to us in the forms of a bank and guild levels – but it’s time for Blizzard to give the guild system a complete overhaul.

Create more ways for guilds to connect, to be social, to have common goals outside of raiding. Give guilds new ways to share their identity, new tabards, shields, cloaks or guild-themed armour-sets (that might be the role-player in me talking.)

Give guilds new challenges that they can team up to face-down together and help players to create a real sense of community.

The above screenshots are from one of my experiences in Archeage and it represents a perfect example of how guilds can share goals.

We first had to gather all the material for our guild-house using gathering and crafting professions. Then we had to transport the crafting goods through dangerous PVP enabled terrain to our build-site. We then had to work together to actually build the house.

Once it was built, we let off a load of fireworks and felt a sense of accomplishment and bonding. We accomplished this together and we were really proud of ourselves for it.

The next step was to furnish the guild-house with interesting and worthwhile features – and this wasn’t just a case of going to a random shop, either. Most of the items in the house had to be crafted – blueprints had to be bought, materials had to be gathered and then crafted into tables and chairs and then laid out in an aesthetically pleasing manner (that was my job.)

Once it was built, the guild would often gather there, have our guild meetings there, plan out raids and PVP combat – even though we all had voice communications and text-chat, people liked to be present. Gradually, people built up their own player houses around the guild-hall and it became a hub of activity and kept our community active.

3. Player Housing

I have played many other MMORPGs in my time – among them were titles like Black Desert Online, Rift, Wildstar, ArcheAge, FFXIV, Warframe and Star Wars: The Old Republic and every single one of them have player housing.

Giving players housing opens up a whole new way to invest in the game – It allows players to collect furniture, hang out with friends, gather cool items to put on display, play mini-games and generally have one of the most amazing ways to waste time inside of a virtual world.

Player housing? Yes, please!

Relaxing by the fire in Black Desert Online. Cozy!

Photograph by Ross Cheeseright via Black Desert

Why not brush up on your lore in your very own Study?

Photograph by Ross Cheeseright via Black Desert

4. Voice-Acting!

World of Warcraft has one of the best storylines of any MMORPG and Blizzard have access to a huge cast of skilled voice-actors. It would make the questing experience an absolute knockout if they used some of that talent to produce a voice-acted storyline. And I don’t just mean the odd cutscene.

“…do the right thing or generally be a bastard and murder a village full of Tusken raiders”

5. Player Choice

One of the things that I enjoyed the most from the Old Republic MMO was the fact that they gave me a choice. I could decide the outcome of a quest or mission or do the right thing or generally be a bastard and murder a village full of Tusken Raiders.

Legion has taken a great stride towards making me feel important with the addition of the class-quests, but I want to go beyond that and actually feel like I’m not just being dragged along by the story, but that the story is about me.

Hard to do the ‘Jedi thing’ when dealing with this guy.

Photograph by Ross Cheeseright via Star Wars: The Old Republic

6. Meaningful PVP

For a long time now, PVP has taken a back-seat in world of Warcraft and it’s really felt like an afterthought.

Legion, again, took a step in the right direction and put forth at least a meek effort to solve some of the problems facing PVP, but, I think that it’s time for blizzard to take a good, hard look at PVP and bring some of the things that they have learnt from their other competitive franchises.

Make PVP rewarding again, bring in a rating system. Allow people to queue for ranked play such as they can in Overwatch or heroes of the storm. Bring in a range of PVP-only rewards beyond just the stuff you give to the top 1%.

Create more dynamic world PVP objectives and keep that content relevant by updating rewards each season and allow the battles to affect the greater world.

Flags are nice and all, but PVP feels like groundhog day – only you’re surrounded by apathy and salt.

Photograph by Ross Cheeseright via World of Warcraft

7. A Crafting Overhaul

I might sound like a broken record here, but… Legion made some progress towards fixing crafting and made some effort to keep the crafted gear relevant, but they stopped short of making crafting a worthwhile thing to do in the game.

Crafting really needs to be looked at, a skilled crafter should be able to adventure around the world, complete quests, dungeons, kill rare spawns and generally adventure to find the best materials in the game – with those materials that crafter should be able to produce some of the best gear in the game. The world of the world of Warcraft is huge now allow players to explore that magical world, climb to the top of a mountain for a rare herb, delve into a dungeon for a dragon eye and truly experience adventure.

Many other MMORPGs treat crafting with a lot more reverence than they do in wow where it’s just used as a way for people with loads of alts / resources to get a head-start on the first raid of the expansion.

8. Trading

Some of the absolute top aspects of games like Archeage, Black Desert, EvE online, Elite and the soon-to-be-released Star Citizen is the ‘trading’ profession. It adds an entirely new dimension to the game that World of Warcraft is missing. Buying goods, crafting trade items, picking out the lucrative trade-routes and then the thrill and danger of transporting the goods there safely or enlisting the aid of some noble adventurers for a small cut of the profits really brings the spirit of adventure into the world.

You won’t BELIEVE what pirates did to this cargo-ship!

Photograph by Ross Cheeseright via ArcheAge Online

9. Events

World of warcraft’s half-arsed effort to put events into the game that they dust off and wheel out once a year is pitiful. The same rewards year-on-year, the same titles the same items… There is nothing creating immersion in world of Warcraft. Nothing that inspires people to get into the game and go and enjoy the festivities.

Other games, especially eastern MMORPGs make a huge effort in these events and the player base generally are more excited and involved in them.

Taking more interest in events, updating them and creating more worthwhile / rare seasonal rewards would really get players engaged. It’s working for them in their heroes of the storm and Overwatch franchises, so why not bring it to wow with some vigour.

10. Procedural Generation

One thing that I’d love to see in World of Warcraft is the inclusion of procedural generation. The game has become so on-rails and formulaic that much of the ‘sense of adventure’ has gone. I know where every rock, leaf and tree is in the game and quite frankly, it’s starting to feel a little tired.

This is where procedural generation comes in; It will give us the opportunity to have a different experience each time we enter a dungeon. New rooms, new puzzles, new traps, new encounters. We won’t know exactly what we need to do and what to pull and what mobs we can skip.

There is a well known Anime called Sword Art Online in which the characters must traverse a multi-level dungeon called ‘Aincrad’. The characters start on the ground floor and must battle their way to the top by killing the ‘floor boss’ on each level. Each floor is a complete surprise, it’s not mapped, they don’t know where the boss-room is, they don’t know what monsters they will encounter and quite frankly, right now that level of exploration sounds incredibly appealing.

You won’t BELIEVE what pirates did to this cargo-ship!

Wallpaper by itsRipples via Sword Art Online

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